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Why try?

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2015 09:27
by FrankTClark
During the course of my studies and presentations I often encounter a lack of interest in deep Bible study. This is particularly the case concerning Hebrew and the name of God. Most people exhibit an attitude of contempt for the idea that our God has a name that should interest us. When I talk about Hebrew and other deep topics, I can see a fixed smile come over the face and their eyes start glazing over. They nod their head and converse emptily but it is clear they have checked out of the conversation. I am usually gracious and end the conversation as they have clearly signaled they wish. The same is true about the Law of Moses, the seven yearly Sabbaths, or any deep Bible study topic.

What does it take to encourage an enthusiasm for a deeper understanding of the Word of God? Sometimes I feel like an oddball. What is wrong with me that I care so much?

I encounter people who seem to be interested in deeper additional truth and Bible study but I notice a strange pattern. They have a set of blinders that leads them to only be interested in certain topics that interest them. I also notice that they will not stray much beyond the limits of their traditional environment. Many associate themselves with their limited denominational tradition such as Seventh-day Adventists. They are proud of themselves because they have more truth than other protestants. Others associate themselves with other splinter groups that still have a limited tradition such as feast-keepers. They are proud of themselves because they have more truth than other SDA.

I want more than a limited tradition. I want ALL TRUTH. My Savior has promised that I will have it.

Do you want it?