Frank T. Clark

Frank T. Clark

In God's Service

Fear God and give glory to Him for
the hour of His judgment is come!

I am seeking to serve God in
personal ministry wherever called.

What is your interest?

IAUA End Time Ministry

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My philosophy is "Keep It Simple". I am a strong believer in simple, minimalist web design. Function is emphasized over "FLASH" and fancy graphics. This website is designed to use only the minimum, simple HTML version 3.2 functionality.

Other websites I develop use some of the simplest useful functionality from later versions of HTML. Specifically, I find it useful in certain circumstances for a link to open a new window when it is anticipated a visitor may wish to quickly return to the original window.

This website is a simple informational website and contains no advertising, cookies, JAVA, Active-X, frames, style sheets, DHTML, FLASH, or any other "cute" tricks. If you are looking for entertainment, look somewhere else. If you are looking for information, I have some.

This website is designed to be read as easily as a book with maximum concern for your reading comfort. Text size, color, and font are not changed so it is directly under your control through your browser. Content is designed to display at a width of about 6", which is about the same as a typical book.

I recommend the Verdana font at 12 point for your web browser. I have found that it is the easiest to read. This is what I use but you may prefer something else. I also use 12 point in the books I publish because it is easier to read.

Enjoy reading!

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